Classic Manicure  

Relax with our professional treatment for your hands that includes nail trimming, shaping, buffing, and cuticle grooming, relaxing hand massage, and polish.

Deluxe Manicure  

Pamper yourself with this amazingly relaxing and invigorating manicure, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. It includes nail trimming, shaping, buffing, and cuticle grooming as Classic Manicure. Next, exfoliate your hands, nourish them with a mask and warm towel wrap Then, finish with paraffin dip or hot stone massage.

Shellac Manicure  

Say goodbye to the world's most frustrating nail problems - chipping, cracking, weak, flimsy nails, and say hello to nail color that lasts up to two weeks. No dry time. Available in many popular shades. It includes Classic Manicure and your choice of shellac polish.

French Manicure  
Tif Top Deluxe Manicure  

Relax and rejuvenate with our exclusive, luxurious spa treatment that helps you restore elasticity and replenish moisture, leaving your hands hydrated all day. It includes everything in Deluxe Manicure and finishes with paraffin dip AND hot stone massage Extra plus your choice of one of the fantastic aromatherapies (Lavender, Green Tea, Cucumber, Milk and Honey rejuvenation, etc.). Complimentary neck and shoulder massage is included for total relaxation.


Classic Pedicure (30 mins)  

A perfect treatment for those with a hectic schedule that covers the vital steps to well-maintained feet. It includes foot soak, nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming, callus treatment, exfoliation of dead skin, moisturizing leg and foot massage, and finish with your choice of polish.

Signature Pedicure (35 mins)  

Spend some time with us as our staff will provide you with the utmost pampering you deserve. The pedicure is great for healing, moisturizing dry and cracked skin, making it silky and smooth again. It includes everything in Classic Pedicure plus a mask wrapped around legs to rehydrate the skin.

Tropical Blossom Aromatic Pedicure (45 mins)  

Rough and dry spots are invigorated by the antioxidant properties for healthier skin. The treatment includes everything in Signature Pedicure plus a mask wrapped around legs to rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin with your choice of one of the fantastic aromatic lotions (Lavender, Green Tea, Cucumber, Milk and Honey, etc.). Then, relieve the stress with your choice of paraffin & hot stone massage with extensive leg and foot massage.

Organic Paradise Pedicure (50 mins)  

Enjoy a high-end spa experience with effective and healthy organic products! Containing certified organic ingredients, this pedicure upholds a higher standard of beauty with a complete system that deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. The treatment includes everything in the Tropical Blossom Aromatic Pedicure but your choice of products will be organic natural products. Extra extensive massage for legs and shoulders plus a heating pad for your neck, Your choice will be one of our fantastic organic aromatic products such as Lavender Jasmine, Pearl, etc.

Tif Top Super Deluxe Pedicure (60 mins)  

Our spa's top offering! This package provides you with everything you could want in a premium pedicure experience. It includes everything in Organic Paradise Pedicure plus both the paraffin and hot stone massage and a very extensive leg and foot massage. Plus, extra NuSkin foot treatment helps to relieve persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes, and sides of feet.


Add some luxury to your day with this sweet scent that restores skin's natural beauty. Nature's energy booster, honey, contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help repair and nourish the skin. It includes everything in Organic Paradise Pedicure plus paraffin wax, hot stone massage, and a very extensive leg and foot massage.


Enjoy all the benefits of CBD products in an exclusive treatment for your feet. This amazing pedicure is the best option for our clients seeking relief from inflamed ankles or tight calf muscles. It not only relieves pains and aches in your legs and feet but also helps extract impurities and hydrate the skin, making it silky soft. Also, it can help to improve skins' appearance and elasticity, leaving it supple. Our packet contains rich, effective formulas, including lotion made with collagen to comfort tired, overworked feet. Magnesium sulfate, tea wee oils, and peppermint oil ingredients could help to reduce swelling and inflammation, deodorize and freshen your feet. Moreover, Menthol and Wintergreen oils can stimulate circulations. The package also comes with cuticle & nail trimming, callus remover plus paraffin wax, hot stone massage, and a warm towel for relaxing. A head & back massage is done before we color your nails.


The best-followed rule for great skin is to keep it simple, use a natural product. Herbal Spa products bring the essence of nature's healing power to the skin. The products are made with all-natural ingredients and chock full of vitamins that will purify your feet, stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles. With the mixture of warm water and herbal essential oils in addition to the effect of heat, your feet will be left feeling soft, cozy and more relaxed than ever.

Ingredients of herbal foot bath powder

* Ginger * Basil * Bone pain

* Mint * Que Chi * Wormwood * Rose Flower

It takes 15 minutes to detox with the herbal foot care package. Then, we will trim cuticles and your nails, clean up the heels with callus remover and apply paraffin wax, hot stone massage and very extensive leg and foot massage to soften your skin and soothe your muscles. To top off this special detox program, we will give you a relaxing shoulder massage.


Nails Enhancements

Acrylic (Regular) Overlay Full Set  
Acrylic (Regular) Fill  

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Pink And White Full Set Overlay  
Pink And White Fill  

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Pink Fill Only  
Color Powder Full Set Overlay  
Color Powder Fill Same Color  
Color Powder Fill Change Color  
Ombre Full Set Overlay  

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Ombre Fill  
Full Set For Toes  
Dipping Powder Color Overlay  
Dipping French  

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Dipping Ombre  
Gel Nail Full Set Overlay  
Gel Nail Fill  
Gel Nail Ombre  

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Shellac/ Gel French  

Hybrid Gel (T.A.P)

* Refill T.A.P Clear  
Full Set T.A.P  
* Refill Same Color  
* Refill Different Color  
Ombre T.A.P  
* Refill Ombre T.A.P  
T.A.P Pink & White  
* Refill Pink & White  
T.A.P + Gel Color  
* T.A.P Refill + Gel Color  
T.A.P Clear Full Set  

Gel Extension

Short Shape Square  
Long Shape Square  
Medium Long Shape Square  
Different Shape  
Refill Gel Extension  

Additional Services

Gel Extension 2 Toe Nails  
Gel Extension Fill-In (2 Toe Nails)  
Length Modification  
Nail Repair  
Extra Color  
Nail Design (2 nails)  
Cut Down  
Dipping Removal  
Hand Polish Change  
Toes Polish Change  
French or American with Gel  
French with Regular Polish  
Acrylic Nail Remover  
Shellac Remover  
Extra Massage (10 minutes)  
Add Gel Polish to Services  
Gel Polish Only  
Gel Coating  
Jelly Feet Spa  
Hot Stone Massage  
Acrylic 2 Toenails  
Acrylic 2 Toe Fill-In  

For Kids

(For children who are under 10 years old)
If you want to pamper your children with an enjoyable experience and help them truly relax, we are the place.

Classic Nail Care

Manicure and Pedicure  
Hand Shellac Color Change  
Toe Shellac Color Change  
Hand Polish Color Change  
Toes Polish Color Change  
Extra Callus Removal  
Extra Sea Salt  
Paraffin Hot Wax  

Deluxe Nail Care

Spa Manicure  
Spa Pedicure  

Waxing Services

Eyebrow Tint  
Lips and Brows  
Full Chin  
Full Face (whole face)  
Half Arm  
Full Arm  
Half Leg  
Full Leg  
Back Wax  
Chest Wax  
Brazilian Wax  


Single Eyelash Extension Full Set  
Mega Volume Full Set  

Refill for Single Eyelash Extension

2 Weeks  
3-4 Weeks  

Refill for Single Mega Volume

2 Weeks  
3-4 Weeks